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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Today is Valentine's Day. And mine was wonderful! Felipe and I together planned the day's events and they went off without a hitch.

Felipe decided that he would bring me breakfast in bed. He told me last night so that I would not get up and make myself anything. He took my order from a verbal suggestion list and then came to the bedroom with this-

He even put a heart in the chai tea! Heart shaped pancakes! And a sweet card that says "It's going to be a great forever." How lovely!

After church, we came home and I made spaghetti and we had a lovely dinner.
We got tulips instead of roses because roses are over-used and not that lovely (in my opinion). Tulips are rather elegant and fresh-looking. They have kind of youthfulness to them. We used our Groom and Bride glasses from our wedding. The LOVE pillow was a Valentine's present from last year. And in the top right corner you can see a book-frame I made-

If you want to know how to make one yourself, just email me! It's a lot of fun to make and looks a lot better in-person.

This is another collage of the happiness that was today-

We had pretty little heart candle and some heart sugar cookies and a "Be Mine" white cake. I definitely had a sugar over-dose today!

It's interesting how we have come to celebrate certain holidays. Christmas is supposed to be celebrating Christ's birth but instead we celebrate who gets the most presents. Easter is supposed to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, but instead it's a celebration of bunnies and chocolate, especially if the bunnies are made of chocolate! Valentine's Day was a celebration of the Saint who according to various people married Christians in secret. But today we celebrate it as a national sex-day or National Singles Awareness Day or who can get the most flowers day. Men feel immense pressure to be creative as if all of his girl's happiness lies on this one day.

I feel bad for my part in making my man feel this pressure. That's why this year we took out the need for secrecy and surprises and just let each other know that we love each other. Felipe was very romantic still in deciding to make me heart-shaped pancakes and heart chai. That was a sweet surprise!

As the rest of the nation celebrates their lust and loneliness, self-centerness and selfishness, my husband and I (along with many others) decide to celebrate the gifts that God has given us. He gave us life, and that would have been enough. He gave us his Son, and that would have been enough. He gave us the cross, and that would have been enough. He gave us his Spirit, and that would have been enough. Without these things a Christian has no hope. And yet beyond this, he has given us each other. He does more than we think possible and we give him glory.

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