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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Step Toward Health!

Well, I've admitted my Special K sin. And I think I may have found a way around eating it.


I know everyone has heard of Kashi before. But did you know that some of their products taste good? I didn't. I was only ever exposed to what my parents bought which tasted like rabbit pellets minus the flavor. I don't know what kind of Kashi cereal they bought but it would actually hurt my mouth as I attempted to eat it. Over the Christmas break (or was it Thanksgiving?) I had a bowl of their cereal and I couldn't even finish it because it was so bad.

But today at the grocery store Felipe was getting some Special K with blueberries and I saw this-

It looked good from the outside. So I checked out the ingredients. Then I bought it and took it home with me. A little while after getting home, I poured myself some Kashi with blueberries and this is what it looked like-

Not exactly what the box portrayed but it was still so good! Now I don't have to get Special K! I saw that there's also a Kashi with strawberries!!! mmmm...I'll try that one next!

Here's my last spoonful-

And what kind of milk did I use, you may wonder. I will tell you! I used a non-cow milk because Felipe and I are both lactose-intollerant to a degree. I dislike soy milk, so we've been getting Rice Dream Milk! And it is delicious!!! and organic :D

I had some of their frozen rice treats as well, and I think they are good!

And another step toward health:
I've discovered something better than my previous "natural" eggs...actual Organic eggs! from Farmers Harvest. These are definitely free-range, vegetarian-fed, pesticide- and antibiotic-free eggs.

They're about twice as expensive. -I'm just warning you before you go shopping today.

For those of you who are curious, yes, there is a difference between "natural" and "organic". Natural just means there's nothing artificial in it, whereas organic is more intrusive and is government certified. The overly simplified version is that organic is a step better than natural.

Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to grow my own vegetables in my own garden however I want. I'd love to be able to have some acreage to have my own hens and milking cows. For cows I'd want the chocolate kind, so I can get chocolate milk! mmm :)


  1. Just fyi: "organic" may have some certification guidelines, but "free range" does not. So "free range" is subject to all sorts of abuse.


  2. Hi, Lauren. It's Bird from Thinklings. I like your new place here.

    About 10 months ago my wife and I bought a 2-acre little homestead here in Waco and we love it! We raise our own chickens for eggs (and even harvest our own chicken meat). Right now we're working toward a spring garden and possibly thinking about a goat or even a calf that we can raise through the summer and butcher next winter.

    If you want head over to my solo blog -- I write about our new country life all of the time. :-)