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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Orange Husband

Actually not Orange Husband, but Husband cooking Orange Chicken! The house smells so good right now. This is his first attempt at cooking Orange Chicken and he did a great job.

He fried the chicken though, which I would not have done if I was cooking it. He says, "That's why I cooked it!" My version would have been healthier, but he enjoys his fried food. Fried food makes my stomach hurt. So I made my own version using his sauce but baking my chicken.

But today’s post is all about Felipe!!! and his orange chicken...sounds like a child’s book, “Felipe and His Orange Chicken.”

I helped him make his creation and even found his recipe for him! I googled “best orange chicken recipe ever” and found it. We did a modified version of this recipe due to lack of ingredients. If you’d like to know our recipe, just let me know!

Here's Felipe measuring while reading the recipe off his computer.

This is our list of ingredients:

He assigned chopping the broccoli to me because I insisted on fresh just tastes better! I even snagged a couple for my salad...

Here I am adding flour to Felipe's fried chicken batter. We work so well together!

Next, he added orange juice that he hand-squeezed! and some orange zest.

Doing the final touches to the recipe...

The taste test!!!! yum!

The final results:

(Complete with authentic Cambodian
chopsticks and Panda mug from Epcot.)
(I think he likes it!)

Felipe requested that I add this to my repertoire of recipes and said that I could even just bake the chicken. OK, Honey! I'll do it!

baked orange chicken

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