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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Weekend!

But first, this...

Yes, it really says this on our refrigerator! One time I wrote something underneath it and then it got torn off. The page was ugly and so I just tore the whole thing off. The next day Felipe said, "hey, what happened to the note?" I guess he really liked it! I felt so bad for not replacing it. Well, it truly is the only thing to do :)

My weekend was rather painful. We went to dinner Friday night with my side of the family for my mom's birthday and I got a salad and Felipe got a burger. I ate the last couple of bites of his burger and it did NOT sit well. But before I realized that, I had almost the entire slice of chocolate cake. Two things that I don't usually eat. But at least we were able to sleep on a nice, firm Queen-size mattress!

Saturday, we leisurely woke up. In the afternoon we went on a picture-scavenger hunt with my sister's friends. We were given a bunch of clues and had to decipher where in Fort Worth these places were. We had so much fun but there was a lot of running around and not much food. Afterward we were finally able to get some food, which was amazing Korean food. But after that, we got ice cream. And again, I don't eat ice-cream. And I felt so sick.

Sunday, we went to church and heard an awesome message from Afshin Ziafat with a noteworthy mention about God calling people by don't compare where God has someone else to where God has you. I wasn't feeling too well from the events leading up to that and then we had to go meet both sides of the family for lunch at Dickie's bbq. They have great rolls. Allegedly, their bbq is great as well, but it hit me worse than everything else. Oh, and I had some of Felipe's peach cobbler and a bit of chocolate pie. worst. decision. ever. We went home and I tried to take a nap.

We eventually made our way to Target and I was able to buy this pillow (except in red)
that I have found increasing need for, along with some clothing items for Felipe and me. I was walking so slowly through the store. And on the way home, Felipe ran into Kroger to buy some French bread. And he also bought me these!!! and made me cry :)

I had pasta and bread and that helped ease my stomach a bit. I didn't sleep very well. When we woke up, early, on Monday we headed to my prenatal appointment.

I had to drink this glucose drink so the midwife could check for gestational diabetes. It was gross. It made my stomach hurt. When it was time to draw the blood, it was painful and it always is. I have unusual veins that like to close immediately or just roll out of the way of needles altogether. What can I say? My body doesn't like to be stabbed. On the third prick, this time with a butterfly needle (of course), it finally worked. But I had tears and I was in pain. Felipe says he's going to insist that if I ever need blood drawn again for any reason to jump straight to the butterfly needle because it's always the same story - prick me twice just for kicks before finally using the tiny butterfly needle. In my head, I wanted to just say, "ok forget it. the baby is fine. he doesn't have diabetes. no more needles." as I threw the needle across the room...this was just imaginary.

My midwife noticed that I was dropping off and got me juice. And Felipe and I went to Olive Garden for lunch where I had a nice crusted tilapia and salad, no cheese, and no dessert. Felipe is now never letting me eat anything dessert-ish again. I even almost ate a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup but instead exclaimed, "Felipe! How'd I get this? Take it away!" And he shoved it in his own mouth instead! At Olive Garden I was very sleepy and at one point Felipe said he was going to go to the bathroom. A few minutes later, I asked if he had gone yet. He had been sitting there the whole time! I just blanked-out, fell asleep for a second with my eyes open! And it happened again when the waitress came back and was telling me a story. I have no idea what she was talking about. I was too tired! She was a strange one anyway though.

What a crazy weekend.

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