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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Felipe and I Went to the Park!

Last weekend Felipe and I went on a scavenger hunt with some of my sister's friends. While we waited for everyone else to show up, we played on the playground!!!!

We swung on the swings...
And Felipe did flips off the swings!

Then we raced on the horses!

I won!

And Felipe climbed a tree!
Being married to Felipe is such a joy! We always have fun. We have our disagreements, but we've been so blessed to have dispositions that our disagreements always result in drawing closer to each other. It is easy to forgive each other when we constantly have eternity on our minds. We don't expect the other to serve us, but seek to serve the other. It is through Christ's example of how he served the church that we seek to serve each other. Christ suffered much for those he loved. Sometimes, we can expect to also suffer much for the ones we love. But our love is not dependent on how pleasant we feel. It is dependent on the love of God, which is constant. We love because God first loved us; he has shown us what true love is. So now, we walk in that love. When we put aside our pride and are willing to admit that perhaps we are wrong, disagreements are settled quickly. When Felipe does something that annoys me, I simply and respectfully let him know. He wants to know. He let's me know when he wants me to change as well. By being willing to change and willing to speak respectfully, without assuming the other person is purposefully being mean, we resolve all our differences. We don't have fights, because we are able to settle all disagreements in love. Even if we were to fight, healing will be quick because we love God.

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