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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Felipe and I Went to the Park!

Last weekend Felipe and I went on a scavenger hunt with some of my sister's friends. While we waited for everyone else to show up, we played on the playground!!!!

We swung on the swings...
And Felipe did flips off the swings!

Then we raced on the horses!

I won!

And Felipe climbed a tree!
Being married to Felipe is such a joy! We always have fun. We have our disagreements, but we've been so blessed to have dispositions that our disagreements always result in drawing closer to each other. It is easy to forgive each other when we constantly have eternity on our minds. We don't expect the other to serve us, but seek to serve the other. It is through Christ's example of how he served the church that we seek to serve each other. Christ suffered much for those he loved. Sometimes, we can expect to also suffer much for the ones we love. But our love is not dependent on how pleasant we feel. It is dependent on the love of God, which is constant. We love because God first loved us; he has shown us what true love is. So now, we walk in that love. When we put aside our pride and are willing to admit that perhaps we are wrong, disagreements are settled quickly. When Felipe does something that annoys me, I simply and respectfully let him know. He wants to know. He let's me know when he wants me to change as well. By being willing to change and willing to speak respectfully, without assuming the other person is purposefully being mean, we resolve all our differences. We don't have fights, because we are able to settle all disagreements in love. Even if we were to fight, healing will be quick because we love God.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We've been needing more kitchen towels. We only have one set and after one meal preparation they can get...used.

Today, we saw these at CVS!

Now we have plenty of kitchen towels and these are particularly beautiful being covered in bluebells!

Felipe and I have a particular memory of driving down the road and stopping to take pictures in Texas' beautiful bluebells! We laid a towel down and took a whole bunch of photos. They were lovely:

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Weekend!

But first, this...

Yes, it really says this on our refrigerator! One time I wrote something underneath it and then it got torn off. The page was ugly and so I just tore the whole thing off. The next day Felipe said, "hey, what happened to the note?" I guess he really liked it! I felt so bad for not replacing it. Well, it truly is the only thing to do :)

My weekend was rather painful. We went to dinner Friday night with my side of the family for my mom's birthday and I got a salad and Felipe got a burger. I ate the last couple of bites of his burger and it did NOT sit well. But before I realized that, I had almost the entire slice of chocolate cake. Two things that I don't usually eat. But at least we were able to sleep on a nice, firm Queen-size mattress!

Saturday, we leisurely woke up. In the afternoon we went on a picture-scavenger hunt with my sister's friends. We were given a bunch of clues and had to decipher where in Fort Worth these places were. We had so much fun but there was a lot of running around and not much food. Afterward we were finally able to get some food, which was amazing Korean food. But after that, we got ice cream. And again, I don't eat ice-cream. And I felt so sick.

Sunday, we went to church and heard an awesome message from Afshin Ziafat with a noteworthy mention about God calling people by don't compare where God has someone else to where God has you. I wasn't feeling too well from the events leading up to that and then we had to go meet both sides of the family for lunch at Dickie's bbq. They have great rolls. Allegedly, their bbq is great as well, but it hit me worse than everything else. Oh, and I had some of Felipe's peach cobbler and a bit of chocolate pie. worst. decision. ever. We went home and I tried to take a nap.

We eventually made our way to Target and I was able to buy this pillow (except in red)
that I have found increasing need for, along with some clothing items for Felipe and me. I was walking so slowly through the store. And on the way home, Felipe ran into Kroger to buy some French bread. And he also bought me these!!! and made me cry :)

I had pasta and bread and that helped ease my stomach a bit. I didn't sleep very well. When we woke up, early, on Monday we headed to my prenatal appointment.

I had to drink this glucose drink so the midwife could check for gestational diabetes. It was gross. It made my stomach hurt. When it was time to draw the blood, it was painful and it always is. I have unusual veins that like to close immediately or just roll out of the way of needles altogether. What can I say? My body doesn't like to be stabbed. On the third prick, this time with a butterfly needle (of course), it finally worked. But I had tears and I was in pain. Felipe says he's going to insist that if I ever need blood drawn again for any reason to jump straight to the butterfly needle because it's always the same story - prick me twice just for kicks before finally using the tiny butterfly needle. In my head, I wanted to just say, "ok forget it. the baby is fine. he doesn't have diabetes. no more needles." as I threw the needle across the room...this was just imaginary.

My midwife noticed that I was dropping off and got me juice. And Felipe and I went to Olive Garden for lunch where I had a nice crusted tilapia and salad, no cheese, and no dessert. Felipe is now never letting me eat anything dessert-ish again. I even almost ate a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup but instead exclaimed, "Felipe! How'd I get this? Take it away!" And he shoved it in his own mouth instead! At Olive Garden I was very sleepy and at one point Felipe said he was going to go to the bathroom. A few minutes later, I asked if he had gone yet. He had been sitting there the whole time! I just blanked-out, fell asleep for a second with my eyes open! And it happened again when the waitress came back and was telling me a story. I have no idea what she was talking about. I was too tired! She was a strange one anyway though.

What a crazy weekend.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New M & Ms

I love M&Ms!

When I saw these...

...I did not want anything to do with them. They looked gross. Felipe wanted to try them though and I said only if I could blog about them.

Here is my brief blog on these new m&ms:

They are gross. The end.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Today is Valentine's Day. And mine was wonderful! Felipe and I together planned the day's events and they went off without a hitch.

Felipe decided that he would bring me breakfast in bed. He told me last night so that I would not get up and make myself anything. He took my order from a verbal suggestion list and then came to the bedroom with this-

He even put a heart in the chai tea! Heart shaped pancakes! And a sweet card that says "It's going to be a great forever." How lovely!

After church, we came home and I made spaghetti and we had a lovely dinner.
We got tulips instead of roses because roses are over-used and not that lovely (in my opinion). Tulips are rather elegant and fresh-looking. They have kind of youthfulness to them. We used our Groom and Bride glasses from our wedding. The LOVE pillow was a Valentine's present from last year. And in the top right corner you can see a book-frame I made-

If you want to know how to make one yourself, just email me! It's a lot of fun to make and looks a lot better in-person.

This is another collage of the happiness that was today-

We had pretty little heart candle and some heart sugar cookies and a "Be Mine" white cake. I definitely had a sugar over-dose today!

It's interesting how we have come to celebrate certain holidays. Christmas is supposed to be celebrating Christ's birth but instead we celebrate who gets the most presents. Easter is supposed to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, but instead it's a celebration of bunnies and chocolate, especially if the bunnies are made of chocolate! Valentine's Day was a celebration of the Saint who according to various people married Christians in secret. But today we celebrate it as a national sex-day or National Singles Awareness Day or who can get the most flowers day. Men feel immense pressure to be creative as if all of his girl's happiness lies on this one day.

I feel bad for my part in making my man feel this pressure. That's why this year we took out the need for secrecy and surprises and just let each other know that we love each other. Felipe was very romantic still in deciding to make me heart-shaped pancakes and heart chai. That was a sweet surprise!

As the rest of the nation celebrates their lust and loneliness, self-centerness and selfishness, my husband and I (along with many others) decide to celebrate the gifts that God has given us. He gave us life, and that would have been enough. He gave us his Son, and that would have been enough. He gave us the cross, and that would have been enough. He gave us his Spirit, and that would have been enough. Without these things a Christian has no hope. And yet beyond this, he has given us each other. He does more than we think possible and we give him glory.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowing in Texas?!

Today in our little town things are shutting down because they just don't know what to do about all this snow we suddenly received. It's wonderful!

This is Felipe pretending to throw a snowball at me.

He didn't really throw it. That was our snowman's abdomen. Although, he did throw another little snowball at me. What a flirt!

This is the careful placement of said abdomen...snow-surgery can be very tricky.

This is a picture of our backyard-

Felipe went into our backyard to get some charcoal for the traditional mouth. He's so handsome!

He told me that he made a snow angel on the other side of the fence.

He then did some cosmetic alterations to our snowman's mandible as well as giving him two arms also from the backyard while I gathered the York peppermint patties for the eyes, Felipe's hat and my blue scarf.

And the finished project!

This reminded me James where it says "Let the lowly brother boast in his exaltation, and the rich in his humiliation, because like the flower of the grass he will pass away. For the sun rises with its scorching heat and withers the grass, its flower falls, and its beauty perishes. So also will the rich man fade away in the midst of his pursuits." I know it doesn't mention snow at all, but just the fact that we have built something that is temporary. Here the Bible speaks of the flower perishing, the rich perishing and beauty fading. We have built a snowman who's beauty will not last long. What else on earth have we built for ourselves that will not last long? The snow is pretty and it puts into perspective how trivial most things are. If we aren't doing things for the glory of God and the building up of another, then it will perish. But instead we should set our eyes on things of eternity and not live for selfish pursuits.

I've heard so many people say that they don't understand why Felipe and I spend so much time together. Felipe and I love each other. We don't love each other because how it makes us feel but because of how it makes the other feel. We love God and this love for God is shown by loving God's child, my spouse. By setting my eyes on things of eternity, I can selflessly seek to submit to my husband's needs and requests. What a joy to know that he is doing the same thing in return! I wish this for everyone. Sometimes, I'm not selfless and Felipe picks up where I'm lacking. Sometimes, Felipe is lacking, and I have to work twice as hard. But by remembering Christ and his sacrifice, every one of my sacrifices is put into perspective and life is made simpler. My mind is set at ease.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Step Toward Health!

Well, I've admitted my Special K sin. And I think I may have found a way around eating it.


I know everyone has heard of Kashi before. But did you know that some of their products taste good? I didn't. I was only ever exposed to what my parents bought which tasted like rabbit pellets minus the flavor. I don't know what kind of Kashi cereal they bought but it would actually hurt my mouth as I attempted to eat it. Over the Christmas break (or was it Thanksgiving?) I had a bowl of their cereal and I couldn't even finish it because it was so bad.

But today at the grocery store Felipe was getting some Special K with blueberries and I saw this-

It looked good from the outside. So I checked out the ingredients. Then I bought it and took it home with me. A little while after getting home, I poured myself some Kashi with blueberries and this is what it looked like-

Not exactly what the box portrayed but it was still so good! Now I don't have to get Special K! I saw that there's also a Kashi with strawberries!!! mmmm...I'll try that one next!

Here's my last spoonful-

And what kind of milk did I use, you may wonder. I will tell you! I used a non-cow milk because Felipe and I are both lactose-intollerant to a degree. I dislike soy milk, so we've been getting Rice Dream Milk! And it is delicious!!! and organic :D

I had some of their frozen rice treats as well, and I think they are good!

And another step toward health:
I've discovered something better than my previous "natural" eggs...actual Organic eggs! from Farmers Harvest. These are definitely free-range, vegetarian-fed, pesticide- and antibiotic-free eggs.

They're about twice as expensive. -I'm just warning you before you go shopping today.

For those of you who are curious, yes, there is a difference between "natural" and "organic". Natural just means there's nothing artificial in it, whereas organic is more intrusive and is government certified. The overly simplified version is that organic is a step better than natural.

Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to grow my own vegetables in my own garden however I want. I'd love to be able to have some acreage to have my own hens and milking cows. For cows I'd want the chocolate kind, so I can get chocolate milk! mmm :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cleaning Out the Fridge

Felipe and I are the worst when it comes to eating left-overs. If it isn't fresh food, it isn't fresh in our minds. We usually only make enough to eat right away. But every now and again we have left-overs. Sometimes, we'll go a month with a little bit adding up over time and they just pile-up...and that leads us to....

Thanks to my wonderful husband, Felipe, for cleaning out the fridge! (notice the empty boxes in the trash bin as well...sheesh)

If my father had done it, we would have had casserole for the next two weeks...ew.

Orange Husband

Actually not Orange Husband, but Husband cooking Orange Chicken! The house smells so good right now. This is his first attempt at cooking Orange Chicken and he did a great job.

He fried the chicken though, which I would not have done if I was cooking it. He says, "That's why I cooked it!" My version would have been healthier, but he enjoys his fried food. Fried food makes my stomach hurt. So I made my own version using his sauce but baking my chicken.

But today’s post is all about Felipe!!! and his orange chicken...sounds like a child’s book, “Felipe and His Orange Chicken.”

I helped him make his creation and even found his recipe for him! I googled “best orange chicken recipe ever” and found it. We did a modified version of this recipe due to lack of ingredients. If you’d like to know our recipe, just let me know!

Here's Felipe measuring while reading the recipe off his computer.

This is our list of ingredients:

He assigned chopping the broccoli to me because I insisted on fresh just tastes better! I even snagged a couple for my salad...

Here I am adding flour to Felipe's fried chicken batter. We work so well together!

Next, he added orange juice that he hand-squeezed! and some orange zest.

Doing the final touches to the recipe...

The taste test!!!! yum!

The final results:

(Complete with authentic Cambodian
chopsticks and Panda mug from Epcot.)
(I think he likes it!)

Felipe requested that I add this to my repertoire of recipes and said that I could even just bake the chicken. OK, Honey! I'll do it!

baked orange chicken

You Must Exercise!

I know that I need to exercise and stretch, but it can be so discouraging when this baby interferes with my range of motion. I don't have any prenatal workout dvds so I've been renting them from Netflix. So far I haven't found one that was "just perfect". I've tried a lot! I think I will just have to come up with my own routine.

Last night I sat down with my exercise books and started writing down ideas for my own routine. I think next I will pick out some music to go along with my routine and record myself onto my mac. Then, I'll dub in my voice telling myself what I'm doing. The completed work will allow me to go through a whole routine exactly how I want it, using exactly the equipment I have, without any voodoo mysticism that some of these dvds have had! ***This will be for personal use; don't expect to ever see this video. ha! too embarrassing!

I'd like to eventually be able to start a women's group where we can combine exercise and Bible study. The mother of my flower-girls from my wedding used to run a similar group out of her church, which gave me the idea. The group of women meet for about a 45min aerobic routine and then settle down to have a 30min devotion time. Wouldn't that be wonderful?! Some of the mothers were homeschoolers and their older children were paid to watch the younger ones during the group time.

For the first two years after they started, the group was pretty small, never more than 10. But after those first couple of years, the group really took off and would sometimes have as many as 50 people there. The church was pretty big and could accommodate the group.

I don't know if other women are excited about health and fitness as I am, though. My idea would be to have about 10min stretch, 10min warm-up, 15min aerobics, 10min cool-down, 30min devotional. I don't think the devotional should be something as heavy as Grudem's Systematic Theology, but I think Power of a Praying Wife would be a good book and relevant to the attenders.

And in other news, I found this old-timey ad!

Of course, if you're eating all the right fruits and vegetables you won't need supplements. However, sometimes I just can't eat ALL that's required to get ALL the needed nutrients and vitamins. So, I take vitamins for that extra pep! I take PEP vitamins!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Must be Genetic!

My father sent me an email today to let me know he came to this blog. He attached a photo of him and my mom on their 30th wedding anniversary cruise:

It's just like the photo from the blog! How sweet is that?

And how sweet is it of my father to send me a sweet little email telling me that he has a sweet picture of him with his love too? So sweet. And one day sweet little Caleb will have picture of him with his little sweetie-wife!

There are so many things that I look forward to sharing with him. Things like learning to walk, ride a bike, what the structure of the nucleus of an atom is, and proper Linnaeus nomenclature; you know, the normal things. (You may think I'm joking about those last two, but if you know me at all, you know I'm not!) I'm very excited to see what his interests are.

I also hope we have a girl someday! -because I have all these cute ideas of things to do with a daughter! Things like dress-up, and tea parties, and tiaras, and crafts...and Felipe won't let me put a tiara on Caleb.

One thing that Felipe and I are adamant about doing with all our babies is not speaking to them like babies. We hear so many young children mispronouncing some of the simplest words and after meeting the parents we realize that the parents are teaching their children "goo goo gaa gaa" speak as if it's proper...because they think it's cute. But it isn't cute. By speaking real language, a child will learn to speak the real language.

One thing Felipe has noticed about me, though, is how excited I get around babies! My voice gets high-pitched and my ability to formulate complete sentences deteriorates. I might sound something like "OOOOOOO!!!! BABY! Look, Felipe, a baby! So cute! o-oo-o, BABY!" to which he replies cooly without looking, "yea, good."

And in other news, I've discovered a new site that will help with nursery decorating!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Caleb's room

I'm really excited about baby Caleb's new room! For his first month or so he'll be beside our bed. But whenever he's ready, he'll have a whole room to himself!

I've been thinking of themes for the room, and my husband and I decided on a Calvin and Hobbes themed room. As you may know, Bill Watterson, the creator, has not released any rights for C&H. But from what I can tell, he doesn't mind if people make their own C&H paraphernalia for their own use, as long as they don't sell it for profit.

Some of the things I'm hoping to be able to put in Caleb's room is a quilt with this picture:

I'm also planning on putting that print on a onesie-creeper to bring him home from the birthing center in! As soon as I finish it, I'll post a picture...and then another of him wearing it!

I'm also hoping to make some 3D wall pictures of images like this classic image:

And also of this one:

I'm also hoping for a Hobbes stuffed tiger. I've found a site dedicated to C&H and there were several pics of stuffed tigers. So, now that I know it's possible, I'm going to try to make one myself.

The "real" Hobbes doll:

The "stuffed" Hobbes doll:

I've seen a crocheted Hobbes doll. But my crochet skills are just not that good.

I want to make a set of towels. One with Calvin on it and "His" for my husband, one with Susie on it and "Hers" for me, and one with Hobbes on it and "baby's" for Caleb! One of Felipe and my favorite picture sets are where Susie and Calvin are having a snowball fight. Such young flirtation!

I like the idea of sharing the original John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes with baby Caleb with photos like these:

I have a lot of ideas and as soon as I complete them, there will be posts!

Felipe has also requested a onesie-creeper with the little kid from "Where the Wild Things Are" on it. I can't find that book, so I'll have to go buy a copy. But we agree that baby Caleb's library just won't be complete without it!

Some other fun "toy" ideas we have for when "Baby Caleb" becomes "Little Caleb" are the marble Racer, the DNA strand building kit and the microscope. Can you tell I was a biology major? We found these items at Toys R Us, so we shouldn't have any problem finding them again in a few years!

The Marble Racer:

The DNA strand kit:

The Microscope!

The only other project I'm working on right now is almost top-secret. But I will let you know when it's complete. Don't hold your breath though because it's a year-long project! I'm hoping to finish it in a fraction of that time though. I will give you a hint - it has to do with a box of prayers and verses. I have to wait for Caleb to be born so I can get a proper picture though. I tried to use his sonogram photo and it just was terrible. So, I can do everything except that part before he's born. Hopefully!

Any Calvin and Hobbes suggestions? leave them in a comment or send me an email!