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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grocery Shopping!

Today my husband and I went Grocery Shopping!

On our list was the normal bananas, salad, jam, eggs, and such. Here's a pic of what I bought!

The only thing not depicted was the chicken and turkey. I am pleased to say that the most unhealthy thing I bought was Special K! I just love the stuff!

One thing I am always particular about is corn syrup. None of the items I bought (except my little sinful Special K) were made out of corn. I checked every label. And that's why I had to buy two small jams...all the big ones were made out of corn - ew.

My chicken is Harvestland Chicken, which is preservative-free, additive-free, and even cage-free chicken. I highly recommend this chicken. It has a comparable price to "bad" chicken, but even if it is a bit more where you are, it is worth it.

My turkey was Honeysuckle White. My turkey was all natural and ground and definitely not Tysons!

Bananas are bananas. It doesn't matter if there are pesticides or not because you don't eat the peel. My only concern is what is in the soil, though, that the roots absorb. So it is possible that it does matter. Organic bananas were not an option. Once we move back to the metroplex though, I'll be able to shop Whole Foods all the way!!!!

I like my eggs to be from the same type of chickens that I eat. So I buy Great Days which I couldn't find too much info on, but I at least know they are fed a vegetarian diet and not cow or other chicken. ew.

Polaner jam is great tasting and contains no corn! It was the only brand not made from corn (as I shared before).

Salad is salad. Once, again though, I can't wait to be closer to a Whole Foods where I can buy salad without pesticides.

MILK! No, not just milk, CHOCOLATE MILK! And not just chocolate milk, PROMISED LAND CHOCOLATE MILK!!!!!!! The stuff is so good. Cows without hormones. mmmm!

Then there's the Special K. Yep, it contains so many ingredients, you'll fall asleep trying to get through them all. This is where I slip. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TASTE SO GOOD, SPECIAL K?!?! So good and yet so bad, that's what I call a sin.

Ok, so did I really just write an entire blog entry on what I bought at the grocery store? Kind-of. But maybe you noticed that it was all a lead into my little soap box I like to call, "Take down the tyranny of the corn industry that is causing us to all die horrible early deaths!" I'm just kidding, I don't really call it that.

Lauren, why don't you like corn?

Good question. I love corn. I just don't love most American corn. I'm not making a political statement, I'm making a produce statement. Check out some more informative people like, The Bitter Truth guy. He talks about how high fructose CORN syrup is chemically inequivalent to natural sugars and he relates it to the rise in obesity in America. America has so much corn that we use it to make everything, even strawberry jam.

King Corn. Then check out this unbiased film by a couple of boys who decide to plant a single acre of corn. Why? Because they did a hair analysis that determined that most of who they were (chemically) originated with corn. It's a comical and informative, without being political, film. I think the best part though is when they eat the corn that they raised. It's disgusting. We learn with them that the corn that farmers grow nowadays isn't even edible because the overwhelming majority of it is turned into HFCS, (high fructose CORN syrup).

On a different note, did you know that corn farmers are subsidized water costs and if they don't use a certain amount, whether they need it or not, they will be cut off? It seems to me (albeit, I'm no expert) that much of this future water crisis could be diverted for at least a little while if we let farmers only use the amount they needed...just a thought.

Food Inc. Then check out this very political (not presidential-type political, though) film about the food industry in America. It's disgusting. WARNING! Get all your fast food before you watch this film!

I still have an occasional soda and a more occasional bowl of cereal. And I'm not trying to make people feel bad. This is information that I didn't know about until a few months ago and thought I would share.

I spend more on my monthly budget for better quality food. I spend less on my monthly health bills and medical expenses because I simply don't have any.

Better quality food + moderate exercise = higher quality life = longer natural life = being a good steward of the body given by God

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