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Friday, January 29, 2010

Femininity - How I Feel Feminine

This is what our kitchen/laundry room looked like when we got home from work today:

(Can you see the dishes piled in the sink?!)

This is what it looks like now!

This might make some feminists unhappy. It might even make some non-feminists unhappy. But the only reason I'm sharing is because of how happy it makes me feel! When going about my day, I don't feel especially feminine getting a manicure or going shopping or getting a make-over.

What truly makes me feel feminine is showing my husband that I love him. Right now he's taking a (well-deserved) nap after work. So before he could wake up and help me, I decided to clean all the dishes, pots and pans (we don't have a dishwasher) and do the laundry as well as sweep and clean the floor.

I feel most feminine showing my husband honor. I feel like a woman when I clean dishes. It makes me smile. When I can get to the laundry without my husband even realizing it, it brings me joy!

I think the reason I feel so good about cleaning for him is that in a way I am cleaning for God. God has revealed himself so much through my husband. We are commanded in the Bible to "do all for the glory of God" and "in humility count others more significant than yourselves". I struggled with doing this before I met Felipe, but Christ helped me by showing me what that characteristic should look like for ALL human-beings by giving me some one to practice on. Hopefully, now when I meet others, I can better demonstrate God's love because of the practice I have at home.

And look at this bonus I made for him! (Maybe this will get him out of bed!!!)

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  1. I want the cookie on the bottom right. It's HUGE!

    I've been looking at Ephesians 5 a lot lately. The Gospel is so deep! And so entirely significant to anything a husband and wife do for/to/with each other. What a blessing from the Lord, and what a testimony of Him too! Thanks for all your thoughts.