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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eating Well

Being pregnant and managing my weight has been quite the challenge. During my first trimester I lost weight, which I hear is not uncommon. But then I thought I had to make up for that lost weight and I ended up gaining too much weight! Then around my 20th week I found out the basics of how you're supposed to eat - only an extra 500 calories a day. Well, I didn't do that. But now I do!

I think maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle is important no matter who you are but especially important when you're pregnant. First, and most important, when you're pregnant, you are the sole provider of nutrients for your growing baby. I'll be held accountable for how I treated my body as well as my baby's body during pregnancy. Not only in a judgment day kind-of-way, but also when my child is born; ADD is linked to even small amounts of alcohol consumption, overly fat babies are linked to my dreaded High Fructose Corn Syrup, underweight babies are linked to not enough protein etc., allergies are linked to an unbalanced diet. Now, we could get very paranoid about all of this, but the grace of God is enough to cover our mistakes in ignorance and in knowledge. I check labels and ask Felipe, my husband, to measure out an acceptable amount of chocolate milk (I just don’t trust myself). Maybe you need to do more help, maybe less.

Here’s what I ate for lunch today:

I baked the chicken breast (free range, vegetarian diet) at 350°for 20 minutes with nothing added, not even herbs. I don’t know if my chicken is just better quality, but it’s delicious baked with nothing added. I then diced it and a hard-boiled egg and topped a salad with both. The only salad dressings I use are oil-based. I don’t use them in excess as demonstrated in these two pics.

Notice the before and after dressing images are very similar. I think some people don't like this because we need to re-program our taste-buds to accept God-given food instead of the processed foods we grew up on. I also drink water. Just straight up drinking water (our tap water isn’t very safe- old lead pipes). [Being pregnant, I stay away from tea because of the caffeine, also it messes with my sleep. I don’t drink soda, except as some special treat (as long as it’s caffeine-free). And I don’t like coffee! Juices are too sugary and usually are HFCS-packed!]

End product:

I did add a slice of garlic bread that has who-knows-what in it. I didn’t prepare it. It tastes good and might have been made from margarine. But it isn’t in excess and is definitely not a habit. For dessert, I sliced an apple and dashed some cinnamon to top.

It was delicious and filling!

The second reason for maintaining a healthy diet is to provide myself with a healthy body. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. This is one way that I glorify God with my body.

The third reason that I can think to maintain a healthy diet is my husband. My husband is such that he would love me even if I were fat and wrinkly and smelly with warts. He loves me for who I am not what I look like. But he’s still a man! There’s a sort-of attack on men’s visual stimuli and I can help in my own small way by providing him with something else pretty to look at. I don’t wear make-up (that’s another story) and I usually wear sweats now that I’m pregnant. But my body is my husband’s and I want to make sure he is always attracted to it.

It’s encouraging also when he sees me working at maintaining a good body for him (and myself) and he thanks me! He knows that there’s the stereotypical house-wife who gets fat and lazy and thinks that she’s entitled to everyone else serving her. He knows that it’s a fear of mine to become haughty, self-seeking and self-serving. I’ve asked him to keep me accountable for such sinful actions, and one way he does this is encourage proper behavior. -just like what you would do with your children or students or your dog even.

oh, and I exercise. but not so much since getting pregnant. Any suggestions on exercises to do while pregnant?

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